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Kunci jawaban lengkap quiz parampaa kita semua

full answer important quiz Parampaa 1
  1. Click "Commence"
  2. Click the "A" Click the modest circle in the letter "i" which adaa ditulisan "tiny" Click the "AY" Click the "B" Click "Yup! " Click" Jali " Click"? "Dg exact same image above Bear in mind ... direct hit OK Click the" b " Click the" Off "on the words" Math " Just click
  3. Click the "13" on the words "Level 13" Click the "Red-Blue-Yellow-Red-Green" Press " spaces "on the keyboard Run to the leading appropriate corner! Gerakin cicaknya tujuan.Jangan to hit that black Click on the letter" PANDA "
  4. Click the "21"
  5. Click the "D" Click the "E" Reduce Cable / red paper in bomb
  6. Click on "23" on the line to 3 and 3 to the left dr
  7. Choose background colour "red-blue-yellow-red-green", do not study the writing on! click on the circle oren, then if you want to the other one "mouse out dri game area then go into the circle one particular far more" Click the rectangle that "reduce left" Click the "lizard" current beneath three hearts click Black Hole. continue to hold until the meteor ga mousnya no longer "there will be a red-black hole" then click the red black hole stacking puzzles, and click "circle "antecedent arrows point Click the" 20 " oren.terus press and mouse click circle continues, until the circle to a single an additional Click "TDAJ" Click "100001" Click the "three hearts" that are on the appropriate corner Click the "red- blue-yellow-red-green " Drag the words" level 36 ". continue to click" button "in situ Click" Zibba " Shoot" guy " Kliok" level 39 " Click on the keyboard" -> " Click the letters"! " Do not press apa2.tunggu to completion Click the" island of Lombok " Press" 1 "Pda about 1 = 5 Click the "45" On paper 45f level adl tone sequence CDEFGA click B.Terus tone to kind the "EGG" Shoot "Guys" Write an answer " 11 " Click on" run! "Until the crab is missing Press the number" 1 "on the keyboard Lolosin essential, do not hit the black area (typically no writing on it) Drag sign (- ) to post 52.nanti level will be kept at 5-2 clicks press "S" on the keyboard Click the "5" Type "Anini" on the keyboard Drag the words "month", then click the repartee was there signed fro mouse "! " Click the colour" Yellow " color Click" oren-green-purple-green-red " Click on the letter" BONO "
  8. Click to tone up the word "CAGE"
  9. Do not press something! Click the "eve" in writing level 63 Click "Parampaa" Click "Mr.Krab-Smurf-The Simpson-Mr.Krab-Parampaa" Sort in "one" on the keyboard Click the "Point-Sun-Tree" Press "F1-F4" At the best of the keyboard click on the letter "A" in the middle of the letter heart Kli answer "ten"
  10. Press "Shift-six" to Doraemon missing
  11. Capture the quantity "two" continues to drag it to quantity 7 on level 7 ... Click the "huge floppy-disk-tape little-Flashdis -And the first 1? " Click the" massive yellow circle smiling " gunshot word" HER " Correct-click the mouse, hold it later emerged mouse, click and hold the middle of the letter" o " , just follow the arrow mark until there is a circle about the center of the letter "G" in writing "NPN" writing drag the mouse to the circle, then the box will seem, continue writing once again drag the mouse to the box continued to press its case Click villa light fitting life Write "Attempt Once again" wrote "the cranberries" click on "13" Just click
  12. enclosed reply letter bomb "generally dfgh"
  13. click on keyboardd "? " press time fitting the words" s7op "on the second-to-three variety" level 85 "type" :)" variety "you're welcome" Click the center of the circle in among quantity eight, on "level 86" Mouse out of the game screen, hold the essential in, fitting already entered press "enter" on the keyboard Press "F8" on the keyboard , then click "secure mode" press book color "blue-purple-yellow-purple ' Select the symbol" omega (rich' horseshoe) "and" 69 " gerakin particular person using "Wa sd", grab the essential, enter the door click the colour "red-green-blue-yellow-red" Calculate the color linkaran "red" Click "Budi" Click on "additional? "When the background colour" Green " Click the" eye-head burr-grass-background-spots red hand " click the" red button " Touch continue "its circle", then the last one is on the "level 98" click the "second particular person from the left
Kunci jawaban lengkap quiz parampaa kita semua
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