Monday, October 28, 2013

Khasiat air kelapa

Positive aspects of coconut water - Hi blogger close friends this time i will share about " Efficacy of coconut water ", Coconut Water is very great for well being, Because coconut water is utilised to make the body's immune method , coconut water also serves as a repair program predaran blood, blood circulation and is really efficient to cleanse the digestive tract. Coconut water also valuable as to aid pemencahan kidney stones, urinary tract overcome, overcome motion sickness and assists stabbed blood platelets for individuals with fever berdarah.Nah Coconut Water also contains electrolytes and potassium which can aid the physique regulate heart function and regulate blood stress, a lot of nutrients addition of coconut water also has a very good taste, specially if mixed with milk kental.Sekian 1st short information about " Efficacy water coconut ", Semga Helpful ^ ^

Khasiat air kelapa
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