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Jenis jenis Hamster

Sort of Hamster Sort

Short History
At very first men and women were in no mood to maintain hamsters, since not familiar
fish than birds, cats, and dogs. But after megetahui assortment of information about the animal, changed his mind and a lot of men and women interested,
a single of them because of the way the care and breeding hamsters that straightforward.
properties hamster very LCU and adorable, like a slacker, but likes sports, likes to hide, and adore the cleanliness of the hobbyists who make far more affection to animals this little.
hamster presence in Indonesia can be said not extended or as well late. This small animal very first entered Indonesia is identified about 1994, whereas in England about 1950 already stood clubs hamster lovers. In England hamster bloom contests held across the nation.

Kinds of Hamsters
1. Phodopus campbelli (Campbell)

Order: Rodentia
Family: Cricetidae.
Genus: Phodopus
Species : Phodopus campbelli

mini campbell Hamsters had been first found and successfully captured by WC Campbell in July 1902 at Tura, Mongolia. To commemorate and appreciate this invention, the hamster is named following its discoverer, namely campbell. Usually hamster campbell colour may differ, significantly less benign (usually biting), smaller body size than syria, oval head, and simpler to reproduce. The typical quantity of babies with tails 4-six days 18-22 days pregnant. Even though life expectancy survival price of 1.five - 2 months (females are usually shorter-lived than males)

two. Phodopus roborovskii (roborovskii)

Order: Rodentia.
Loved ones: Cricetidae
Genus: Phodopus
Species : Phodopus roborovskii

Hamster roborovskii comes from Russia, northern China, Manchuria, and Western and Eastern Mongolia. This variety is identified as the Hamster desert hamster or desert hamster. Its all-natural habitat is the soil slightly overgrown bushes. This hamster named since it was discovered by Lieutenant roborovskii roborovskii and Koslor in July 1894. Roborovskii adult body length is only four-five cm. Smallest hamster fur is golden brown and stand, with a white belly and a pair of fluffy white on the brow. At the hamsters are white mustache that appears extended and heavy bodied. Roborovskii such as hyperactivity and a hamster who has the most rapid motion and seldom noticed silent, except when sleeping. Though in no way bite, roborovskii unpopular because of his attitude too fast and hard to catch. This hamster has a low reproductive rate. It is characterized by the typical quantity of babies only 4-5 tails with bunting past 23-30 days. Age life expectancy of 3 - three,five years.

three. cricetus griseus (Chinese)

Order: Rodentia
Family members: Cricetidae
Genus: cricetus
Species: cricetus griseus

chinese hamster originated from Northern China, which is about Peking or Beijing and Mongolian. Is incorporated in the class hamster rat- like hamster , hamster-like rodents. Chinese Hamster has a slender physique shape resembles a rat so called rat-like physique . Hamster also has a relatively long tail, which is about two cm. Chinese hamster adult body length can reach ten-12 cm.
Chinese Hamster has a nimble movement so elusive . Chinese hamster also has a exclusive behavior, which is occasionally willing to get together with other species, but at times do not want to get together.
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