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Golongan Darah menentukan Karakter Manusia

Hai on this occasion I will share about" Blood establish the Human Character ", in Japan forecast on characters or Properties Human determined by blood sort, then why not??, stated the blood variety is determined by protein - protein construct all the cells in our body and for that reason also determines our psychology, 1st I do not believe this as I reflect on my own was a lot like Ko and properly, then how about buddy???

Basic Blood Variety Character

A: Organized, consistent, higher spirit of cooperation, but always anxious (simply because perfectionists) that occasionally tends to make easy org resentful, political leanings: 'destra'
B: nyantai, effortless going, totally free, and most take pleasure in life, political leanings: 'the left'

O: large hearted, sociable, do not want relented, allergies in the detail, political leanings: 'centro'
AB: Unique, nyleneh, resourceful, double character, political leanings

Based Sequence

The easiest way ngaret matter of time:

  1. B (since nyantai continued)
  2. O (as flamboyant)
  3. AB (for straightforward dressing program)
  4. A (for failing to discipline)

The most difficult to tolerate faults:

  1. A (as a perfectionist and narsismenya also huge)
  2. B (as straightforward going but also straightforward judging / easy to accuse / judge)
  3. AB (simply because of various origin)
  4. O (judging but also easy pardoning effortless / easy apology)

The most believable:

  1. A (due to consistent and law-abiding)
  2. O (in order to sustain balance)
  3. B (in order to sustain the enjoyment of life)
  4. AB (easy to alter the frame of reference)

Most preferred to be friends:

  1. O (his sportsmanship)
  2. A (constantly on time and precisely)
  3. AB (inventive)
  4. B (based on mood)

contrast, most disebelin friend / not like:

  1. B (selfish, effortless come easy go, wants own)
  2. AB (double normal)
  3. A (too observant and scrupulous)
  4. O (challenging caving)

Associated Blood Brains and Potential

The easiest stray / lost (carried lingkukan)

  1. B
  2. A
  3. O
  4. AB

The most medals won in Olympic sports:

  1. O (sports champion)
  2. A (precise and mathematically)
  3. B (not affected by the pressure of the surrounding. Almost all athletes judo, swimming and wrestling japan bergoldaro)
  4. AB ( allergic to any type of workout)

The most widely so directors and leaders:

  1. O (as spirited leadership and issue-solver/penyelesei issue) amiiinnnn hahahaha .... blood variety ane nih
  2. A (karen impersonal 'minute' and conscientious)
  3. B (as it is sensitive and easy to take choices)
  4. AB (simply because of the creative and like to take risks)

The so PM Japanese rata2 blood type: O (spirited leader)
Tokyo University Students generally bergol blood: B
The most suitable so MC: A (rich planner run)

The easiest way saving:

  1. A (like calculating interest)
  2. O (like the prospects)
  3. AB (save for obtaining the project)
  4. B (new saving if you have cash several)

The most effective memory

  1. O
  2. AB
  3. A
  4. B

Group Blood Related Health

most longevity:

  1. O (not effortless to pressure, antibodynya mantappp!!)
  2. A (regular live)
  3. B (easy to discover compensation for tension)
  4. AB (chaotic)
The easiest way fat:
  1. O (huge appetite, consuming cepet once again and Greedy)
  2. B (feeding time, add on, and once again like good food)
  3. A (only eat what's on the plate, impacted diet program)
  4. AB (consume depending on my mood, very easily topic anoressia)

Most simply bitten by mosquitoes is virgin group: O (sweet blood)

The most straightforward flu / fever / cough / colds:

  1. A (weak against the statement, viral and infectious)
  2. AB (weak against hygiene)
  3. O (eat anything good or actually poor)
  4. B (consuming, not sleeping routinely)
What produced the occasion makan2 at a celebration:
  1. O (ngambil considerably animal protein, principally daging2an)
  2. A (impartial ngambil four healthier 5 perfect)
  3. B (like taking a lot of water content material foods like soup, soup, meatballs, and so forth.)
  4. AB (hobby tasting all the dishes, 'moral hazard')
The most swiftly balding hair:
  1. O
  2. B
  3. A
  4. AB
The most restful sleep and challenging dibangunin:
  1. B (still snoring regardless of Tsunami)
  2. AB (if in the mood, sleeping is everything)
  3. A (need 8 hours of sleep a day, according to the law)
  4. O (new bed if benar2 tired and need to have)
The most cepet asleep:
  1. B (most simply sleepy, fall asleep even although Berdiripun)
  2. O (Then once more tired and there is not an easy job got sleepy)
  3. AB (depending on the will)
  4. A (based on the rules and Orario)

Illnesses are simply attacked:

  1. A ( pressure, insane / daze)
  2. B (weak against the influenza virus, the lungs)
  3. O (indigestion and abdominal morbidity) is also bener ...
  4. AB (cancer and heart attacks, very easily startled)
What demands to be encouraged to remain wholesome:
  1. A (Since as well perfectionist then nyantailah all-time, do not be also uptight and serious)
  2. B (Due to the fact it is too tough to concentrate, not ever want to be a little critical, meditation, playing chess )
  3. O (Due to the higher concentration of power, it is essential also a casual chat, the streets)
  4. AB (Due easily tired, it is essential to discover activities entertaining and make relief).

The most frequent site visitors accidents (based on police information)

  1. A
  2. B
  3. O
  4. AB
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Golongan Darah menentukan Karakter Manusia
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